Sporty Wattle Cicada Ewartia adusta Moulds and Marshall, 2022
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Species number (TNS): 233. Fore wing length: 17–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Arid to semi-arid areas of Western Australia between Derby and Coolgardie and west to the central coast, the Northern Territory/South Australian border region and Queensland east to near Morven. Records are scattered outside of Western Australia. Adults occur from October to March. Notable localities: Capricorn Roadhouse, Uluru, Charleville. Habitat: Scrublands and shrublands where watttles (Acacia spp.) are present, especially Mulga (Acacia aneura). Calling song and behaviour: A rapid series of chirps followed by a short buzz; repeated multiple times. Adults sit on the stems of wattles. Similar species: Check genus Clinopsalta.
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