Varied Ambertail Yoyetta humphreyae Moulds and Popple, 2018
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Species number (TNS): 486. Fore wing length: 20–30 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the southern part of Greater Sydney west to the Blue Mountains and north to Port Macquarie. Adults occur from October to January. Notable localities: Wamberal, Pulpit Rock, Kuring- Gai Chase National Park, Bass Hill. Habitat: Open forest, typically with sandstone heath elements. Calling song and behaviour: Often, this species produces just a simple ticking call, whilst stationary and in flight. After long periods of being stationary, a long, coarse, buzzing phrase may be produced. This is often followed by a series of ticks. Another stationary call consists of short, katydid-like buzzing phrases and ticks: "zzyip… zyip-a-dip-a-dip… zyip… zyip… zyip-a-dip-a-dip…" etc. Adults sit on the branches of trees and shrubs. Calling males are often highly mobile. Similar species: Sydney Ticking Ambertail, North Coast Ambertail. database record
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