North Coast Ambertail Yoyetta corindi Popple and Emery, 2022
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Species number (TNS): 711. Fore wing length: 19–31 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Northern New South Wales, from Trustums Hill south to Arrawarra, and extending inland from south- west of Grafton to Tyringham. Adults occur from October to March. Notable localities: Gurranang (T. Bush), Halfway Creek. Habitat: Open forest, often with a mid- dense shrub layer. Calling song and behaviour: This species often produces a simple clicking call. This can be produced when the male is stationary or in flight. When stationary, another song mode may be produced. This comprises phrases, which contain alternating buzzes and clicks, similar to the call of a Varied Ambertail. Adults sit on the branches of trees and shrubs. Calling males are often wary. Similar species: Varied Ambertail, Sydney Ticking Ambertail. database record
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