Small Treetop Ticker Yoyetta sp. (cf. tristrigata)
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Species number (TNS): 475. Fore wing length: 22–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland district of eastern Australia, from Clermont in central Queensland south to Coonabarabran in central New South Wales. This species has also recently been confirmed from St Marys in western Sydney (New South Wales) and around Violet Town in Victoria. Adults occur from November to January. Notable localities: Moree (M. Coombs), Miles, Glenmorgan, Coonabarabran (D. Emery), Violet Town (B. Lobert). Habitat: Dry eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A simple ticking call, emitted whilst in flight. Adults occur on the upper branches of eucalypts. Similar species: River Ambertail, Tropical Ambertail, Bright Treetop Ticker, Dark Treetop Ticker. database record
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