River Ambertail Yoyetta fluviatilis Emery, Emery and Popple, 2015
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Species number (TNS): 477. Fore wing length: 15–21 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Along the river systems of inland southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and eastern South Australia. A population is also present around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Adults occur from September to February. Notable localities: Cooper Creek, Taroom, Warwick, Oakey, Dubbo (D. Emery), Violet Town (B. Lobert), Gippsland. Habitat: Riverine eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A high-frequency buzz phrase, often ending with a single short chirp or click, and repeated monotonously. Males sing mostly whilst stationary. Adults occur on the main trunks and branches of eucalypts. During emergence, they may also be found on grass stems. Similar species: Small Bassian Ambertail.
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