Bright Treetop Ticker Yoyetta sp. (cf. tristrigata)
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Species number (TNS): 473, 713. Fore wing length: 23–28 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Sub-humid areas from the Blackdown Tableland and Carnarvon National Park east to the Gayndah and Mundubbera districts in Queensland, and from Kandos in the Capertee Valley in central New South Wales. Adults occur from September until at least January. Notable localities: Eidsvold, Kandos. Habitat: Open eucalypt forest, woodland including riverine parkland and the margins of semi-evergreen vine thicket. Calling song and behaviour: Strident ticking, produced at a rapid rate. Singing occurs throughout the day. Adults are active in the canopy. Similar species: River Ambertail, Tropical Ambertail. database record
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