Smoky Buzzer Myopsalta waterhousei (Distant, 1905)
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Previously known as Cicadetta waterhousei. Species number (TNS):        298, 299. Fore wing length:               14–19 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  Known from around Warwick in Queensland, the Tamworth district in New South Wales, the A.C.T., higher rainfall parts of Victoria and also south-eastern South Australia. Specimens have been collected from September to March. Populations are entirely ephemeral and emergence is difficult to predict. Notable localities:             Warwick, Tamworth, Canberra, Craigieburn, Adelaide. Habitat:                                   Open grassland. Calling song and behaviour:    A metallic buzzing call, displaying marked changes in amplitude during each phrase of song. Males sing from grass stems. Similar species:                                   Lesser Smoky Buzzer, Robust Smoky Buzzer (species complex).
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