Genus Myopsalta Moulds, 2012 Buzzers and grass buzzers
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Distribution:                   Throughout mainland Australia. Area of diversity:                Eastern Australia, with one to two species found at most localities. Locality of highest diversity: Glenmorgan (four species). List of species: Orange-bellied Buzzer Myopsalta atrata (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) Robust Smoky Buzzer Myopsalta binotata  (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) (specie complex) Coolah Grass Buzzer Myopsalta coolahensis Emery, Emery and Popple, 2015 Fishing Reel Buzzer Myopsalta crucifera (Ashton, 1912) Fence Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Bassian Buzzer Myopsalta  sp. (cf. crucifera) Mt Ainslie Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Black Sandplain Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Black Mountain Tinkler Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Wavering Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Broad-winged Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Black Acacia Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Black Brigalow Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Eastern Mallee Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Brown Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Warwick Grass Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. crucifera) Top End Buzzer Myopsalta  sp. (cf. crucifera) Lesser Smoky Buzzer Myopsalta kewelensis (Distant, 1907) Dark Smoky Buzzer Myopsalta lactea (Distant, 1905) Coolah Repeater Myopsalta libritor Emery, Emery and Popple, 2015 Pale-bellied Grass Buzzer Myopsalta mackinlayi (Distant, 1882) Smoky Buzzer Myopsalta waterhousei (Distant, 1905) New England Grass Buzzer Myopsalta wollomombii (Coombs, 1995) Black Grass Buzzer Myopsalta sp. 273 database record
Currently known extent
Orange-bellied Buzzer
Black Mountain Tinkler
Robust Smoky Buzzer
Fishing Reel Buzzer
Black Brigalow Buzzer
Fence Buzzer
Bassian Buzzer
Black Sandplain Buzzer
Wavering Buzzer
Broad-winged Buzzer
Black Acacia Buzzer
Eastern Mallee Buzzer
Brown Buzzer
Warwick Grass Buzzer
Pale-bellied Grass Buzzer
Smoky Buzzer
New England Grass Buzzer
Mt Ainslie Buzzer
Lesser Smoky Buzzer
Black Grass Buzzer
Coolah Grass Buzzer
Coolah Repeater