Lesser Smoky Buzzer Myopsalta sp. (cf. waterhousei)
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Originally described as Melampsalta kewelensis. Currently treated as a junior synonym of Myopsalta waterhousei (Distant, 1905). Other name(s):                        Black Grass Grinder. Species number (TNS):        277. Fore wing length:               14–19 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  From Trangie and Bathurst south to Captains Flat in New South Wales, west across the drier parts of Victoria to the Coorong and near Port Augusta in south-east South Australia. Adults are present from November to January. Notable localities:             Grenfell, Goolgowi, Hay, Kewell. Habitat:                                   Populations are local and occur in open and wooded grasslands in cool temperate areas. Calling song and behaviour:    Distinctive, wavering buzz phrases. Singing occurs in periods of sunshine. Similar species:                                   Smoky Buzzer, Robust Smoky Buzzer (species complex).
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