New England Firetail Yoyetta sp. (cf. abdominalis)
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Species number (TNS):        515. Fore wing length:               24–28 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  From Springbrook National Park in Queensland south to Ebor in New South Wales. Adults occur during December and January. Notable localities:               Girraween National Park, Lamington National Park, Ben Lomond Range. Habitat:                                   Montane eucalypt forest and woodland. Calling song and behaviour:    Produced at a moderately high frequency and sung whilst in flight or stationary. The in-flight song consists of short upwardly inflected phrases "sssssssssssseeep, sssssssssssseeep, sssssssssssssseeep". When males are at rest they sometimes emit a series of brief phrases "seep seep sip-sip-sip seep" with intermittent ticking. Adults typically sit on the upper branches of tall eucalypts, including stringybarks. Similar species:                    Red Ringer, Subalpine Firetail. database record
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