Varied Ambertail Yoyetta sp. (cf. tristrigata)
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Species number (TNS):        486. Fore wing length:               20–30 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  From the southern part of Greater Sydney west to the Blue Mountains and north to Port Macquarie, and possibly further north to near Iluka. Adults occur from October to January. Notable localities:             Wamberal, Pulpit Rock, Kuring- Gai Chase National Park, Bass Hill. Habitat:                                   Open forest, typically with sandstone heath elements. Calling song and behaviour:    Often, this species produces just a simple ticking call, whilst stationary and in flight. After long periods of being stationary, a long, coarse, buzzing phrase may be produced. This is often followed by a series of ticks. Another stationary call consists of short, katydid-like buzzing phrases and ticks: "zzyip… zyip-a-dip-a-dip… zyip… zyip… zyip-a-dip-a-dip…" etc. Adults sit on the branches of trees and shrubs. Calling males are often highly mobile. Similar species:                Sydney Ticking Ambertail. database record
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