Sydney Ticking Ambertail Yoyetta sp. (cf. tristrigata)
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Species number (TNS):        489. Fore wing length:               21–33 mm. Distribution and seasonality:  Central New South Wales from western Sydney north west to near Bathurst and north to the Capertee Valley. Notable localities:             Clandulla State Forest, Silverdale. Habitat:                                   Populations are local and occur in open forest, usually on poor soil. Calling song and behaviour:    A ticking song produced whilst in flight and also when perched on a tree. The song lacks the complexity and long buzzing phrase of the Varied Ambertail. When stationary the series of ticks sometimes end with a short, soft chirp. Adults have been observed in Broad-leaved Red Ironbark (Eucalyptus fibrosa). Similar species:                  Varied Ambertail. database record
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