Eastern River Tree-buzzer Palapsalta vitellina (Ewart, 1989)
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Sometimes referred to as Pauropsalta vitellinus. Species number (TNS): 388. Fore wing length: 21–26 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Widespread throughout Queensland from Cardwell west to Julia Creek and south to Lemon Tree near Millmerran and Beardmore Dam via St George. It occurs from November to February. Notable localities: Crows Nest (G. Walter), Eidsvold, Lake Broadwater. Habitat: Populations occur in eucalypts along inland rivers and on the tops of ridges. Calling song and behaviour: Sharp, repetitive double chirps. This is a common species that can be difficult to observe due to its habit of preferring the upper limbs of trees; however it is attracted to light. Similar species: Northern River Tree Buzzer.
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