Genus Thopha Amyot and Serville, 1843 Drummers
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Distribution: Coastal New South Wales, throughout much of Queensland, the Northern Territory, far northern South Australia and the northern half of Western Australia. Area of diversity: North-eastern and western Queensland. Locality of highest diversity: Herbert River, Boulia (two species at both locations). List of species: Orange Drummer Thopha colorata Distant, 1907 Desert Double Drummer Thopha emmotti Moulds, 2001 Pilbara Double Drummer Thopha hutchinsoni Moulds, 2008 Eastern Double Drummer Thopha saccata (Fabricius, 1803) Northern Double Drummer Thopha sessiliba Distant, 1892 database record
Currently known extent
Eastern Double Drummer
Northern Double Drummer
Orange Drummer
Pilbara Double Drummer
Desert Double Drummer