Desert Double Drummer Thopha emmotti Moulds, 2005
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Species number (TNS): 005. Fore wing length: 47–64 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Known only from a few localities from west of Blackall to Adavale, Stonehenge and the Boulia district in south-western Queensland. Adults are present from December to February. Notable localities: Idalia National Park, Boulia. Habitat: Found in association with eucalypt woodland, including Eucalyptus thozetiana. It shows a preference eucalypts growing beside rivers or on relict plateaus in Mulga (Acacia aneura) dominated areas. Calling song and behaviour: A loud electric whine, closely similar to the call of Thopha sessiliba. In addition to a continuous song, males produce bouts of broken pulses, a component of the call that is distinct from T. sessiliba. Adults sit on the main trunk and upper branches of eucalypts. Similar species: Western Double Drummer, Orange Drummer, Northern Double Drummer.
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Recording provided by A. Ewart