Kimberley Rattle-stripe Kimberpsaltria taenia Moulds, Marshall and Popple, 2021
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All male specimens
Species number (TNS): 080. Fore wing length: 29–33 mm. Distribution and seasonality: The Kimberley region of north- eastern Western Australia, from along the Gibb River Road at the junction of Durack River and Bamboo Creek north-west to the Mitchell Plateau. Adults have been found in mid October and mid November. Habitat: Tropical eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: An alternating, cricket-like, grinding call produced continuously in prolonged bouts, with long silent intervals between bouts. Adults sit at various heights on the main trunks and branches of eucalypts. Similar species: Tetrodonta Cicada. database record
Currently known extent
Top two images © M.S. Moulds Centre and bottom images © D.C. Marshall All images included here with permission.