Creaking Branch Cicada Auscala spinosa (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta spinosa. Other name(s): Tree Creaker. Species number (TNS): 176. Fore wing length: 27–35 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Mainly inland areas from west of Herveys Range near Townsville in north Queensland south to Sydney in central New South Wales, Bendigo and Little Desert National Park in Victoria and west to south-east South Australia. Adults can be observed from September until March. Notable localities: Woodgate National Park, Miles, Boonah, Pilliga Scrub, Tilpa, Castleragh Nature Reserve (D. Emery), Bordertown (B. Haywood). Habitat: Woodland dominant by ironbark eucalypts or Belah (Casuarina cristata or C. paupa). Calling song and behaviour: Almost exactly the same as the sound of a creaking tree. The song becomes more obvious when many individuals are singing. On occasions there may be a few minutes between bursts of song. Calling is most vigorous at dusk and at quiet times during the day. Adults sit on the upper branches of trees. They are exceptionally difficult to approach. Similar species: Red Mallee Creaker.
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