Red Mallee Creaker Auscala flammea Emery, Emery and Hutchinson, 2020
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Species number (TNS): 177. Fore wing length: 27–36 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Found in south-west Western Australia,in South Australia along northern Eyre Peninsula and in the area between Port Broughton and the Murray River outside of Adelaide, as well as in adjacent areas of south-western New South Wales and north-west Victoria. Notable localities: Wandown (R. Standen), Tarawi Nature Reserve (D. Egan), Tailem Bend, Kimba, Balladonia, Cue. Habitat: Mallee woodland. Calling song and behaviour: Similar to the sound of a creaking tree branch, though with bouts of creaking sounds emitted more frequently than a creaking tree. Males call at intervals throughout the day and at dusk. Calling males are cryptic, wary and often difficult to approach. Similar species: Creaking Branch Cicada.
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