Bulloak Squeaker Atrapsalta siccana (Ewart, 1989)
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Sometimes referred to as Pauropsalta siccanus. Species number (TNS): 407. Fore wing length: 15–17 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland Queensland from Hughenden and near Pentland south to Goondiwindi. Adults occur from December to February. Notable localities: Mt Moffatt, Miles, Glenmorgan. Habitat: Populations occur in woodlands dominated by Bulloak (Allocasuarina leuhmannii). Adults are typically found on Bulloak or sometimes on Black Cypress (Callitris endlicheri). Calling song and behaviour: Sharp single notes, repeated monotonously. Males usually sit on the main trunks. Females oviposit on the outer branches. Similar species: Callitris Squeaker, Clermont Squeaker.
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