Red Scratcher Popplepsalta rubristrigata (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Other name(s): Brown Scratcher, Great Montane Squeaker. Species number (TNS): 397. Fore wing length: 26–28 mm. Distribution and seasonality: A largely cool temperate distribution from Mount Kaputar, Gibraltar Range National Park near Glen Innes and Barrington Tops in northern New South Wales south along the Great Dividing Range into much of Victoria and west to Adelaide in South Australia. Adults are known to occur from November to February. Notable localities: Melbourne (particularly in the north), Nimmitabel (New South Wales), Mount Lofty (South Australia). Habitat: Populations occur in open eucalypt forest on ridges slopes and flats, often near watercourses. Calling song and behaviour: A strong, low frequency series of rapid phrases that slow down before the song burst ends. Males may call throughout the day as long as the temperature is warm enough. On hot days, singing occurs in the morning and again in the late afternoon. It is a locally common species that prefers the larger branches and stems in the outer foliage of eucalypts. Similar species: Blue-banded Scratcher. database record
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