Blue-banded Scratcher Popplepsalta aeroides Owen and Moulds, 2016
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Species number (TNS): 393. Fore wing length: 19–25 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From Main Range National Park in south-east Queensland south along the Great Dividing Range to the Bega district in southern New South Wales. It reaches the coast in Royal National Park in central New South Wales. Adults occur from October to January. Notable localities: Cunningham’s Gap, Barrington Tops, Garie Beach (Simon lab), near Wollombi (A. Hutchison), Glenbrook (A. Greenville). Habitat: Populations occur in warm temperate, sheltered open forest, often on an easterly aspect. Calling song and behaviour: Fairly low-pitched, soft and rapidly emitted, comprising a sequence of repetitive chirps followed by a series of alternating long and short chirps. Males call during sunny conditions, typically from the upper branches of eucalypts. Similar species: Red Scratcher. database record
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