Golden Emperor Anapsaltoda pulchra (Ashton, 1912)
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Species number (TNS): 084. Fore wing length: 57–62 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Restricted to the Queensland Wet Tropics region from Mount Lewis near Julatten south to Kirrama Range near Cardwell. Adults can be heard calling from late November to March. Notable localities: Atherton Tableland. Habitat: Populations inhabit lush tropical rainforest, including adjacent areas of mature regrowth. Calling song and behaviour: A particularly loud, rich call. Each repeated phase consists of fast, accelerated phrases quickly transitioning into a distinctive yodelling sequence with a strong, low undertone. Adults can be found at varying heights, usually on the main trunks of rainforest trees. They are often difficult to observe in this habitat due to the density of surrounding vegetation. Colour variation: Specimens exhibit limited variation in colour. They generally fade from green to yellow-brown after death. Similar species: Green Emperor, Green Baron.
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