Silver Knight Psaltoda plaga (Walker, 1850)
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Other name(s): Black Prince. Species number (TNS): 103. Fore wing length: 37–47 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From south of Bundaberg, coastally and subcoastally south to southern New South Wales. It is also present on the central western slopes in New South Wales at Warrumbungle National Park. Adults occur from late October to May, occasionally extending to early June. Notable localities: Bli Bli, Peachester, Lake Samsonvale, Redland Bay, Sydney, Campbelltown. Habitat: Riparian forest, dry sclerophyll forest, gallery forest, riverine woodland and mangroves. Adults occurs principally on eucalypts and she-oaks, but also on Grey Mangrove (Avicennia marina). Calling song and behaviour: Harsh and metallic with a continuous wine and a pulsing component. Adults occur in local aggregations on the upper branches of trees. Colour variation: Silver Knight occurs in olive and green, as well as darker brown colour forms. The olive and green forms occur along the coastal belt from Bundaberg south to north-eastern New South Wales and patchily further south to the central coast north of Sydney. The darker forms of the same species are known as the Black Prince, which varies from jet black to rich brown/black and also slate grey. It occurs from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland west to the slopes of the Great Dividing Range and south to beyond Sydney. Black Prince is the common colour form in the suburbs of Sydney. Similar species: Clanger, Phantom Knight.
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Male (dark form - Black Prince)
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