Clanger Psaltoda claripennis Ashton, 1921
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Other name(s): Clear-wing Cicada. Species number (TNS): 099. Fore wing length: 34–42 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the Windsor Tableland in Queensland, east and west of the Great Dividing Range, to south of Tamworth in New South Wales. Along the coastal belt it is only known as far south as Grafton and extends nearby to Dorrigo. Adults emerge in October and persist until April. Notable localities: Mt Moffatt, Monto, Brisbane. Habitat: Open forest, woodland and gardens. Typically found on Myrtaceae, including eucalypts and bottle-brushes. Calling song and behaviour: A strong rattle that builds up before bursting into a rapid pulsing song. It then returns to the rattle and the process repeats, sounding similar to a large sprinkler system. Adults sit on the upper branches of trees. Similar species: Yellowbelly, Phantom Knight, Silver Knight.
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