Black Friday Psaltoda pictibasis (Walker, 1858)
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Species number (TNS): 090. Fore wing length: 49–60 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From Rockhampton west to Mitchell in Queensland and south to Tamworth and Dubbo in New South Wales. A common cicada in some bushland areas around Brisbane, Queensland. Populations are absent from the mountains of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales. Adults occur from October through to March. Notable localities: Bundaberg, Roma, Chinchilla, Anstead, Dubbo. Habitat: Dry sclerophyll forest and eucalypt woodland, sometimes adjacent to dry rainforest. Calling song and behaviour: A low, rumbling growl that rises in pitch before breaking into a harsh yodelling sequence. Adults sit on the upper branches and main trunks of eucalypts. Similar species: Redeye, Red Roarer.
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