Red Roarer Psaltoda aurora Distant, 1881
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Species number (TNS): 091. Fore wing length: 50–62 mm. Distribution and seasonality: North-eastern Australia from the Windsor Tableland to west of Paluma and also from the northern slopes adjacent to Blackdown Tableland south to Rockhampton and the Dawson River. Adults are present from November to February. Notable localities: Mount Molloy, Speewah, Herberton. Habitat: Eucalypts growing on the verges of rainforests, in dry sclerophyll forest and along the edges of rivers are favoured. Calling song and behaviour: A low, rumbling growl that rises in pitch before breaking into a slow, harsh yodelling sequence, with occasional intermittent quiet revs between each yodelling sequence. Adults sit on the upper branches and main trunks of eucalypts. Similar species: Black Friday, Green Baron.
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