Royal Casuarina Ticker Caliginopsalta percola Ewart, 2005
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Species number (TNS): 359. Fore wing length: 12–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality: The Brigalow Belt region from near Moura south-east to Toowoomba in Queensland and south to near Barmedman in New South Wales. Adults occur from October to February. Notable localities: Jondaryan, Lake Broadwater. Habitat: This species is found in association with Belah (Casuarina cristata), which grows on cracking clay soils. Calling song and behaviour: Monotonous double-clicks that may speed up into a fast clicking phase. Singing occurs principally during the morning and again in mid-afternoon. Adults tend to be fairly stationary and typically occur on branches rather than the main trunks. Similar species: Members of the genus Crotopsalta are superficially similar, but these lack the distinct infuscation on the hind wing ambient vein (darkened area at the apex of the ‘roof’ of the wings when folded). Also see Palapsalta and Nanopsalta.
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