Variable Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta notialis notialisxincitata hybrids
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Species number (TNS): 439. Fore wing length: 14–17 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Restricted to south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales between Wuruma Dam and Woodburn. Adults occur from late September to March. Notable localities: Upper Yarraman, Lake Atkinson. Habitat: Eucalypt woodland and open forest, particularly at the margins of Brigalow (Acacia harpohylla) dominated scrub and woodland or areas where these communities were formally present. Calling song and behaviour: A long buzz, often including conspicuous stuttering components and followed by a variable or intermediately-paced emission of alternating long and short chirps. Adults sit on the upper branches and in foliage of trees and shrubs. Similar species: Sprinkler Squeaker, Maraca Squeaker, also see Inland Sprinkler Squeaker and Southern Red-eyed Squeaker, which are thought to hybridise (or have hybridised in the past in the southern part of the distribution) leading to the occurrence of the populations described here. database record
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