Maraca Squeaker Popplepsalta tremula (Popple, 2013)
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Species number (TNS): 435. Fore wing length: 15–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Known from Carnarvon Gorge in central Queensland and from Eidsvold, south to Goondiwindi, Inglewood and the Leslie Dam west of Warwick in southern Queensland. Adults are present from October to February. Notable localities: Cooyar, Benarkin, Chinchilla, Yelarbon State Forest. Habitat: Open forest and woodland where this species may be associated with box eucalypts, ironbarks and red gums. Calling song and behaviour: A lilting call with a distinctive maraca-like quality, comprising alternating long and short chirps. Adults sit on the upper branches and in foliage of eucalypts. Similar species: Sprinkler Squeaker, Southern Red-eyed Squeaker, Static Squeaker, Western Red-eyed Squeaker. database record
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