Neon Ambertail Plerapsalta multifascia (Walker, 1850)
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Previously known as Cicadetta multifascia. Species number (TNS): 348. Fore wing length: 13–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Known from Chinchilla, Warwick and around Greater Brisbane in Queensland south to near Sydney in New South Wales and from Adelaide in South Australia. Adults may occur from September to December. Notable localities: Franklin Vale, Armidale, Wallacia (D. Emery). Habitat: Open forest, woodland and grassland on poor soil, often in the vicinity of water. Calling song and behaviour: Very high-pitched lilting phrases, sounding something like: "zi- zeee-zi-zeee-zizi-zeee-zi-zeee" etc. Adults sit on the stems of shrubs and grasses as well as the main trunks and branches of trees, including eucalypts. The species has been implicated in damaging grape vines on one occasion in the distant past. Similar species: Pygmy Yellowtail. database record
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