Pygmy Yellowtail Plerapsalta incipiens (Walker, 1850)
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Previously known as Cicadetta murrayensis. Other name(s): Tiny Amberail. Species number (TNS): 349. Fore wing length: 13–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Found along the rivers of the Murray-Darling system from Chinchilla to Adelaide and along the rivers of the western drainage system in south-west Queensland. There is also a population known from Townsville in northern Queensland. Populations also occur on the Brisbane and Mary River systems in south-east Queensland. Adults can be encountered from September to February. Notable localities: Clermont, Blackall, Franklin Vale, Mildura. Habitat: Riverine woodland. Calling song and behaviour: Short, high frequency, buzzing phrases, repeated monotonously during bright sunshine. Adults sit on the stems of grasses after emergence and progressively move to the main trunks and upper branches of eucalypts and other trees. Similar species: Neon Ambertail. database record
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