Little Baron Psaltoda mossi Moulds, 2002
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Species number (TNS): 094 Fore wing length: 29–38 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Eastern Australia, from near Coen south to Mount Garnett and from Yeppoon inland through the Carnarvon and Expedition National Parks in Queensland and south to the Griffith area in southern New South Wales. An uncommon species around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Widespread in dryer subcoastal areas. Adults occur from late November to until at least February. Notable localities: Lenthall’s Dam, Wacol, Lowood, Leslie Dam. Habitat: Populations are typically associated with dry vine scrubs and dryer riparian thickets. They are also found in Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) dominated communities and occasionally in dry sclerophyll forest. Calling song and behaviour: A rich continuous growl followed by a pulsing component. At dusk a subdued rumbling call is emitted. Males sing in unison. Adults perch on the upper branches of scrub vegetation. Similar species: Golden Knight, Yellowbelly.
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