Golden Knight Psaltoda flavescens Distant, 1892
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Species number (TNS): 093. Fore wing length: 40–52 mm. Distribution and seasonality: This species occurs in the sub- humid areas of eastern Queensland and far norther New South Wales from north of Rockhampton south to Canungra, Mt. Maroon, the Boonah district, near Mallanganee and south to just beyond Coffs Harbour. It is commonly associated with limestone-based soils, but sandstone dominated areas are also inhabited. Adults are present from November to January. Notable localities: Blackbutt Range, Redwood Park (Toowoomba), Bongil Bongil National Park (B. McBurney). Habitat: Dry vine scrub, dry rainforest and adjacent eucalypt forest. Calling song and behaviour: A rich growl that rises rapidly in volume until a single pulse is emitted in the form of a sharp "twang". The song then fades away. Adults sit principally on tree branches. Similar species: Little Baron.
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