Gold Silver Heath-buzzer Pericallea katherina Moulds, Marshall and Hutchinson, 2022
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Male (yellow form)
Species number (TNS): 832. Fore wing length: 18–26 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Western Australia, from near Sandstone south-east to near Norseman west to near Beacon. Adults have been observed from late January through to late February. Notable localities: Menzies district. Habitat: Populations are typically found in scrubland and shrubland on the margin of the arid zone. Adults occur on small trees and shrubs. Calling song and behaviour: High-pitched, with a long buzz followed by a chirping sequence. Only astute listeners with good hearing will be capable of detecting this species. Adults sit on the stems of shrubs and trees, sometimes in large numbers. Similar species: Green Silver Heath-buzzer. database record
Currently known extent
Female (yellow form)
Male (green form)
Male (yellow form)