Tropical Orange Squawker Pauropsalta infrasila Moulds, 1987
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Species number (TNS): 382. Fore wing length: 23–31 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the tip of Cape York south to Cooktown and west to near Georgetown in Northern Queensland. An isolated population also exists on the Blackdown Tableland in central Queensland. Emergence times vary between seasons; specimen records exist from October to May. Notable localities: Weipa, Cooktown. Habitat: A species of tropical eucalypt woodlands often where a grassy understory is present. Calling song and behaviour: Males produce short, repetitive phrases. Adults perch on the main trunks of eucalypts. They are wary and difficult to observe. Similar species: Paperbark Tree-clicker. database record
Currently known extent
Recording provided by A. Ewart