Genus Henicopsaltria Stål, 1866 Grinders
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Distribution: Tropical, subtropical and warm temperate coastal and montane areas of eastern Australia. Area of diversity: Eastern Australia, with a single species found at almost all localities. Locality with highest diversity: Cunningham’s Gap (two members of the H. eydouxii species complex). List of species: McIvor River Grinder Henicopsaltria danielsi Moulds, 1993 Razor Grinder Henicopsaltria eydouxii (Guérin-Méneville, 1838) (species complex) Cape York Grinder Henicopsaltria kelsalli Distant, 1910 Jungle Grinder Henicopsaltria rufivelum Moulds, 1978 database record
Currently known extent
Razor Grinder
Cape York Grinder
Jungle Grinder
McIvor River Grinder