Northern Red-eyed Squeaker Popplepsalta granitica (Popple, 2013)
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Species number (TNS): 648. Fore wing length: 12–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Northern Australia, from the Palmer River south to Mount Garnet in Queensland west along the southern edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria to Cape Crawford, Tindal and Katherine in the Northern Territory and further to the eastern edge of the Kimberley in Western Australia. Adults are present from November to January. Notable localities: Mareeba, Tindal. Habitat: Dry eucalypt woodland where the adults often sit on ironbarks, including Eucalyptus granitica and E. jensenii. Calling song and behaviour: A series of short chirps followed by a succession of alternating long and short chirps. Males call from the upper branches and foliage of eucalypts. Similar species: Atherton Squeaker, Ephemeral Squeaker. database record
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