Ephemeral Squeaker Popplepsalta ayrensis Ewart, 1989
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Species number (TNS): 441. Fore wing length: 15–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From near Cooktown in northern Queensland south through tropical, sub-tropical and sub-humid areas to Maroon Dam, south of Brisbane and almost to the border of New South Wales south of Rathdowney. It does not occur west of the Great Dividing Range or in the city of Brisbane. Adults occur from September to May. Numbers vary depending on rainfall, sometimes reaching high levels of abundance. Notable localities: Herberton, Ayr, Eidsvold, Gayndah. Habitat: This species has adapted to a wide variety of habits, mostly near water, but it is also a common species in rural towns and cities. It usually inhabits eucalypts and she-oaks and can also be encountered in grass and on fence posts. Calling song and behaviour: Coarse, soft phrases: "di-derrr-didi- derrr-di-derrrr-didi-iderrr-di-derrr" etc. Singing occurs in bright sunshine. Adults are usually wary except when large numbers are present when they can often be observed without difficulty. Similar species: Subtropical Red-eyed Squeaker, Retro Squeaker.
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