Retro Squeaker Popplepsalta inversa (Popple, 2013)
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Species number (TNS): 431. Fore wing length: 14–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Occurs in central and southern inland Queensland from Clermont south to Augathella, near Tambo, Mt Moffatt and St George and east to the Fitzroy, Dawson, upper Burnett and upper Mary River catchments of south-east Queensland. A disjunct population can be found in central inland New South Wales from Mount Hope south to Goolgowi. Adults occur from at October to January. Notable localities: Clermont, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Mount Hope. Habitat: Found in dry eucalypt woodland on alluvial plains and also on sandy ridges. Eucalyptus tereticornis and Corymbia tesselaris are known adult food plants. Individuals generally perch high up. Also occurs in rural gardens and parks. In New South Wales, this species occurs in White Cypress (Callitris glaucophylla) and also on box eucalypts. Calling song and behaviour: A long introductory buzz, followed by a series of alternating long and short chirps. In the alternating section, there is an apparent pause between the long chirp and the succeeding short chirp. Adults sit on the upper branches and in foliage of eucalypts or cypress. Similar species: Sprinkler Squeaker, Southern Red- eyed Squeaker, Inland Sprinkler Squeaker, Mimic Squeaker. database record
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