Yellow Tree-buzzer Palapsalta eyrei (Distant, 1882)
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Previously known as Pauropsalta eyrei. Species number (TNS): 445. Fore wing length: 12–19 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Found in both Papua New Guinea and Australia. In Australia it is restricted to Queensland, where it occurs from Cape York inland to Mount Isa and Gunpowder, south to Carnarvon National Park and south-east to near Gympie. A possible record also exists from Southwood National Park near Moonie. Adults occur from November to May. Notable localities: Mareeba. Habitat: Populations occur in tropical woodlands, often in association with Poplar Gum (Eucalyptus platyphylla). Calling song and behaviour: A continuous soft buzzing call, emitted throughout the day and also at dusk. Adults occur high on the trunks and limbs of eucalypt trees growing in many situations, especially near rivers. Calling males tend to remain fairly static. Similar species: Northern River Tree Buzzer. database record
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