Restless Firetail Yoyetta enigmatica Popple and Emery, 2020
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Species number (TNS): 511. Fore wing length: 27–30 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Found in mountainous areas above 800 m, including Barrington Tops, Ebor, Ben Lomond and Mt Kaputar in New South Wales, and Springbrook and Lamington National Park in Queensland. Adults occur from October to January. Notable localities: Daves Creek, Canyon Lookout (Queensland), Dawson Springs (New South Wales). Habitat: Open eucalypt forest and heath with emergent eucalypts. Calling song and behaviour: A raspy, regular series of “zip” sounds produced mainly in flight. Adults typically sit on the upper branches of tall, smooth-barked eucalypts or stringybarks. Similar species: Subalpine Firetail. database record
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