Channel Country Squeaker Atrapsalta emmotti Owen and Moulds, 2016
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Species number (TNS): 425. Fore wing length: 16–21 mm. Distribution and seasonality: This species has a wide range along the river systems of the western drainage system in south-west Queensland, south from west of Georgetown east to Quilpie and extending west into adjacent areas of the Northern Territory and South Australia. It occurs from November to at least February. Notable localities: Adavale, Windorah, Jericho, Birdsville. Habitat: A locally abundant species in eucalypts along the major river systems during mid-summer. Calling song and behaviour: Short, repetitive pulses produced at a fairly low frequency. Adults sit on the main trunks and upper branches of eucalypts. Similar species: A distinctive species within its distribution range. Superficially similar to Bulloak Squeaker. database record
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