Noonbah Blackwing Gudanga emmotti Ewart and Popple, 2013
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Species number (TNS): 135. Fore wing length: 16–19 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Restricted to an area from north of Windorah to the Stonehenge district in western Queensland. Adults have been observed from January to March. Notable localities: Jundah. Habitat: Typically associated with Mulga (Acacia aneura) or Red Mulga (A. cyperophylla) woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A series of distinct triple chirps, with the first chirp longer than the two that follow. The phrases are emitted at a fast rate. Adults sit on the main trunks and upper branches of trees. Males will cease calling and move to a different tree when disturbed. Similar species: Mulga Blackwing, Southern Brigalow Blackwing, Kalgoorlie Blackwing. database record
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Recording provided by A. Ewart