Thomson River Grass-shaker Xeropsalta thomsoni Ewart, 2018
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Species number (TNS): 344, 633. Fore wing length: 11–13 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Known from the floodplain of the Thomson River south-west of Longreach and the Diamantina River at Birdsville in Queensland, extending south to the Bulloo Overflow in New South Wales and west to the Cooper Creek drainage system east of Lake Eyre in South Australia. Adults have been observed during January and February. Notable localities: Birdsville, Jundah (A. Ewart). Habitat: Alluvial grasslands and open floodplains occupied by Lignum (Muehlenbeckia florulenta). Calling song and behaviour: A simple maraca-like series of phrases. Adults have been found sitting on the stems of Lignum and on grass and forbs. Similar species: Simpson Desert Grass-shaker. database record
Currently known extent
Above recording provided by A. Ewart