Rose Gum Squeaker Popplepsalta sp. (cf. rubristrigata)
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Other name(s): Rose Gum Tree-buzzer. Species number (TNS): 428. Fore wing length: 13–19 mm. Distribution and seasonality: South-eastern Queensland and eastern New South Wales, from the Blackbutt Range south to Mardi near Newcastle. Late September to March. Notable localities: Mt Mee, Mt Nebo, Border Ranges National Park, Arrawarra. Habitat: Populations occur in tall open forest and wet sclerophyll forest, most often in association with Eucalyptus grandis and possibly also E. saligna. Calling song and behaviour: A soft, continuous hiss, occasionally broken and interrupted by a sharp single note before continuing. Adults sit on the main trunk of these smooth-barked eucalypts, often high up, where they tend to remain static. Similar species: Southern Red-eyed Squeaker; also has some similarity to Red Squeaker. database record
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