Eastern Watch-winder Heremusina sp. (cf. udeoecetes)
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Other name(s): Little Green Grass-ticker. Species number (TNS): 312. Fore wing length: 11–13 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland southern Queensland and northern New South Wales from Roma east to Jondaryan and Pittsworth and south to Moree. Adults occur from November to January. Notable localities: Roma (C. Eddie), Chinchilla, Moree (M. Coombs). Habitat: Open grassland. Calling song and behaviour: High frequency phrases that sound similar to a watch being wound. A higher pitched than the Talwood Watch-winder. Adults sit on grass stems and occasionally in the foliage of small shrubs. Colour variation: Green-coloured specimens often fade to yellow after death. Similar species: Talwood Watch-winder.
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