Apple Grass-zipper Paradina sp. 307
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Species number (TNS): 307 Fore wing length: 13–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Known only from Injune and from the Westbrook district near Toowoomba. Adults may be present from late October to early December. Notable localities: Injune (A. Ewart), Westbrook Creek. Habitat: Open grassland on sloping terrain. Calling song and behaviour: A strident "zerrrr zit zit zit zit zit zit zit, zerrr zit zit zit zit zit zit zit, zit, zit, zit". Males call in bright sunlight. Adults sit in clumps of grass. Colour variation: Green-coloured specimens often fade to yellow after death. Similar species: Bee Gleeper. database record
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