Emerald Fairy Taurella viridis (Ashton, 1912)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta viridis. Species number (TNS): 453. Fore wing length: 15–20 mm. Distribution and seasonality: The northern third of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, with an isolate occurrence near Paynes Find in Western Australia. Adults occur from November to February. Notable localities: Barrow Island, Adelaide River, Hervey Range (G. Cocks), near Paynes Find (Simon lab). Habitat: Riparian woodland with shrubby thickets (particularly Grewia retusifolia) and grassy woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A high-pitched call with a long buzzing section followed by a series of pulses; repeated after a pause. Adults sit on the stems of small shrubs and sometimes on grass. Similar species: Eastern Grass-buzzer. Also check Chrysocicada.
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