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A number of people have provided species distribution records and observations of Australian cicadas. These have been communicated in the published literature or as labels on museum species, or have been provided directly to the author of this website over the years. All of these records and observations have been integral to the creation of this website and will continue to be essential for future development of the species pages. In particular, I wish to thank W. Bell, M. Calabretta, the late G. Cocks, J. Cooley, M. Coombs, F. Douglas, C. Eddie, D. Emery, N. Emery, A. Emmott, A. Ewart, B. Gray, K. Green, B. Haywood, K. Hill, M. Hura, P. Hutchinson, B. McBurney, R. MacSloy, D. Marshall, J. Moss, M. Moulds, J. Olive, S. Ong, C. Owen, F. Pierce, J. Poyitt, C. Simon, B. Smith, A. Stolarski, K. Warner and C. Wilson for their contributions to the contemporary knowledge of the Australian cicada fauna.