Frog Cicada (species complex) Venustria superba Goding and Froggatt, 1904
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Species number (TNS): 560, 561. Fore wing length: 30–31 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From near Cooktown to near Cardwell in North-eastern Queensland. Adults occur from October to April. Notable localities: Mossman Gorge, Julatten, Kuranda, Atherton. Habitat: Tropical rainforest. Species complex includes: Frog Cicada (TNS 560): Mossman Gorge and from north of Kuranda south to near Cardwell. Chanting Frog Cicada (TNS 561): From near Cooktown south to Julatten. Calling song and behaviour: Frog-like chirps in bouts of one or two (Frog Cicada) or five or more (Chanting Frog Cicada). Males sing sporadically throughout the day and more regularly at dusk. Adults sit on the main trunks of rainforest trees. Colour variation: Green colours of live specimens typically fade from green to yellow-brown after death. Similar species: Marbled Bottle Cicada (species complex).
Chanting Frog Cicada
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Frog Cicada